How do I place an ad?

It's easy to place print and online ads by following these easy steps:

  • Register with us – or log in as an existing customer
  • Select your ad publication
  • Select your category, classification and package.
  • Customize your online and print ads
  • Review your advertisement.
  • Pay for your ad using our secure credit card system (You'll receive a confirmation email right away!)

  • When will my ad appear?

    You will be able to select your start date according to the available dates for your specific ad type.

    Deadlines are programmed into the system.

    Newly submitted ads will not appear right away. They have to go through an approval process by one of our online specialist during regular business hours (Monday – Friday; 8am-5pm).

    Changes to ads – follows the same guidelines as newly submitted advertisements.

    How do I upload and crop photos for my ad?

    On the Customize Your Online or Customize Your Print Ad Screen, the photo uploader tool can be found at the bottom of the page (see sample below). Each image/photo allowed by your package will have a square placeholder. Just click the "Upload Image" link beside the image placeholder, browse for your photo on your computer/device, and select it.

    Crop the image:

    What forms of payment do you accept?



    American Express

    Discover Card

    How do I create an account/password/login?

    Select the “CREATE ACCOUNT” item at the bottom right of the Please Login to Start Box.

    You will see the required fills to complete indicated by and * (asterick).

    Once you complete the create account form, you will be able to log into the window below at any time and submit your ad, review old ads, make changes to your existing ads, etc.

    What affects the price of my ad?

    Several factors influence the cost of an advertisement: