How do I pay for my obituary notice?
Funeral homes that have been established as a billable account may elect to charge the cost of an obituary notice to their account. All other obituaries must be prepaid prior to deadline in order to publish as requested.

Can I work on my obituary notice and save it without submitting?
Yes, obituary notices can be saved and worked on at a later time. To do this, create an account and then log in when you would like to return and finish the notice.

Can I make a change or correction to my obituary notice after it has been submitted?
Yes, the content of an obituary notice can be modified at any point prior to the publication's deadline. You may make changes to your notice at any point before deadline for that day's publication. Simply log in to your account, locate your ad in the Future Ads area, and "Modify" the ad. Changes to the content of the obituary that increase or decrease the cost will be adjusted on the credit card supplied for payment.

Will the photo in my obituary notice run in color?
No, all obituary notices run black and white in the newspaper. The photos remain in color on the screen and will be converted prior to publication. The photos will run in color on the publication's website. Images and funeral home logos included with the obituary are printed in black and white.

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